Blue Dragon




Our History

Are you ready for change? Are you having trouble meeting your goals or just want a new life? Dr. Rob Garcia can help. Welcome to Blue Dragon Enterprises.

Blue Dragon Enterprises is a San Diego based life performance enhancement company dedicated to helping people unlock their potential.

Dr. Rob Garcia, EdD/MBA is the CEO of Blue Dragon Enterprises.  After failing out of high school and two colleges, he joined the Air Force and learned the value of discipline and technical thinking. He created Blue Dragon Enterprises to help you achieve your goals in life.


Got a teen that needs guidance? Dr. Garcia's Teen Juggernaut Seminar covers college preparation, dealing with bullying, non-college paths such as vocational schools and more.........


 Dr. Garcia's new book, "The Next Level" is finally out!! Learn how to perform any skill or job with rapid speed. Find out how top performers create success!!



 Charter X is a brand new book that covers many aspects of Charter School design. Filled with valuable content about writing supercharged assignments, getting girls involved in tech careers, helping students pick careers and more.

New Book- "Charter X"